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The state-of-the-art biometric attendance system renders

Faultless payroll calculation with just one tap

Biometric machine eliminates employee proxy

Reduces the cost and manpower

Offers real-time information

Restricts unauthorized access

Boost employee efficiency

Managing leaves and holidays efficiently

Gathers data from multiple locations at one place

Complete reporting of the employee details

Biometric Time & Attendance System

Biometric time and attendance system not only enhances security amongst the workers but safeguards the working environment along with protecting a company’s valuable data. Moreover, our attendance management system renders secured access control and authorization by tracking & maintaining the entries & exits of every employee.

Time and attendance system presents a boundless attendance solution to businesses or enterprise, broadly applicable and accessible at diverse locations. Our biometric machine acknowledges an individual’s physiological features like fingerprint, iris and face detection to register the attendance, thus eliminating any manipulation via proxy attendance at the workplace.