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Bulk WhatsApp Marketing:


  • A professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create a loyalty program.
  • Your bulk whatsapp messages along with images or videos and unlimited characters.
  • A video or picture is worth than thousand words. Enrich your bulk whatsapp messages attaching a photo, video or vcards.
  • Conversion rates over 1%
  • Create and upload your own contact lists of potential clients with mobile phones and names. Send custom bulk whatsapp messages in 24hours



  • Send text Messages, Pictures and Viral Videos


    Enjoy bulk whatsapp service via WhatsApp media with more than 1,000 characters per message. Which is more than enough to communicate effectively , and with the possibility to attach images, vcards or videos. A Viral Youtube video URL inside to generate thousands of views.


  • Guaranteed Delivery


    We guarantee the delivery of the bulk whatsapp campaigns thru our selfmanaged platform to your contact lists/databases. You will also receive a stadistics report with deliver and not deliver messages, including a prefiltered whatsapp. We have the ability to add a link inside the text to be reply to your whatsapp for business number when potential users want to reply to your bulk WhatsApp campaign.


  • Safeguarding your Database [DB]


    Whatsapp Marketing does not sell or buy databases, as we fulfill the data protection clause at our Privacy Policy to make sure your databases are secure and safe.


  • Cross Platform Technology


    Our bulk whatsapp selfmanaged platform could be use into mobiles, tablets and PC.


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